Our Services

Our services are primarily focused in consulting services and solutions in the information technology space.

What We Do

YHF has delivered Information Technology such as Strategy Implementation, IT Governance and IT Solutions projects. The services we provide fall under the categories listed below:

  • Data Visualization
  • Solutions Development & Integration
  • Data Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Technologies

Data Visualization

Solutions Development & Integration

Data Management

Cyber Security


Data Visualization

The volume, variety, and velocity of data that private and public sector organizations have to analyze are increasing exponentially. Today, analytics and business intelligence provides industries and organizations with the ability to explore data to create and refine strategies for delivering data-driven insights. Various techniques ranging from simple trend analysis to predictive or event driven analytics can be used to assess, dissect, scrutinize, and interpret information.

The processes and tools provided by these services are an important element in supporting calculated decision-making. Analytics & BI solutions can help organizations meet various business needs including predicting opportunities and trends, preventing fraud, improving financial performance, or enhancing overall business operations.

Data visualization is at the heart of what we do at YHF Solution. We aim to transform data into innovative analytic and visualization solutions and can help our customers identify and act on information to support their mission.



Business Intelligence Solutions



Data Mining


Predictive Analysis


Solutions Development & Integration

Requirements, processes, and priorities for IT software and systems are continually adapting and evolving. As technology becomes more complex, the need to seamlessly connect and integrate systems is also becoming more significant. 

If your organization requires an objective and experienced business that can support your methodologies – from Waterfall to Agile, or development languages – from legacy to new, then turn to YHF Solutions.


  • Agile Software Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Help Desk Support
  • Testing and QA
  • Configuration Management

Data Management

Data management ensures that an organization has the architectural foundation, policies, practices, tools, and procedures to ensure data across the life-cycle is properly managed and available to front line information workers. It can encompass organizing, retrieving, acquiring, securing, and maintaining information and data.

Public sector information management has many unique and changing requirements, ranging from retention policies to disclosure mandates that place greater emphasis on the necessity to ensure sound information and data management within an organization. Evolving policy and legislative environment and the creation of mandates such as the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) require public sector organizations to take proactive approaches toward strengthening their information and data management practices.

YHF Solutions has supported a range of public sector and commercial clients implementing information management solutions. The company is dedicated to understanding mission priorities and drivers and working in a collaborative manner to support collection, organization, retrieval , securing, and providing information management solutions that give our clients confidence when making critical decisions to help their programs succeed.


Information Architecture

Data Modeling and Management

Data Warehousing

Database Administration

ETL Management

Cyber Security

As technology continues to advance and we become more reliant on it, we also become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as government hacking, personal identifiable information exposure, viruses, malware, and fraud. Today’s private and public sector leadership are having to continually adapt to evolving cyber security threats. The growing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats requires that we make it a priority to secure and defend our systems and information.

These risks can be mitigated through a structured cyber security services model, which YHF Solutions has a strong history of providing to a range of clients including US Federal Government Departments and Agencies.

At YHF Solutions, we combine strategy and technology to offer tailored cyber security solutions to our client’s specific risk profile. As part of the process, we assess our client’s needs and provide a range of solutions that can safeguard critical IT infrastructure. YHF Solution’s proactive approach to monitoring, endpoint protection, risk mitigation, and preventative measures help our customer deter, detect, and defend against the ever changing landscape of threats.


Top view of businesswoman sitting at wooden table with tablet pc

Endpoint Security


Fiber Optic cables connected to an optic ports and Network cables connected to ethernet ports

Data Loss Prevention



Intrusion Detection / Prevention


Vulnerability and Risk Assessments


Cyber Threat Monitoring


Software Technologies

We are an objective partner that collaborates with customers so they can leverage our experience to select and implement the best software technologies for their organizations. As a leader in data management, analytics and information security in the public sector, we have helped federal government, state government and local agencies purchase and/or implement a range of software platforms that meet existing procurement requirements.

A few of the leading software brands that YHF Solutions supports in the public sector as either a software value added reseller or implementation specialist include:

  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Informatica
  • K2
  • Open Source Software
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Software